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Members met at the Scappoose Fred Meyer for a nice cruise along Highways 30, 47 and 202 into Astoria. A couple stops were made along the way. The first stop at the coast was Fort Columbia on the Washington side of the bridge. Everyone looked took a little time to view the grounds, the lookouts and housing in the area. The next stop was the Rogue Ale Public House in Astoria for lunch. The restaurant was very busy but everyone enjoyed the social time, even though parking was a challenge and the restaurant was full. After lunch, some members chose to make the return trip back while others took some time to visit the Astoria Column, overlooking the bay and the Astoria Megler Bridge. The biggest challenge for the cruise to the coast was that it happened to be on one of the hottest days of the year at home so the coast was packed with all the people trying to beat the heat. The coast was a balmy 61 degrees at its warmest that day! Fortunately the rain held off until late and everyone was able to enjoy the day without the aid of an umbrella.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:19 PM
The drive to the Coast was much fun, especially if you are driving. LOL the day was beautiful . Cool and clear going . We made a comfort stop at the Elk Reserve ,as we have in past years. the road was in vary good condition . Much of it was newly re done. Traffic was nonresistant as usual on HWY 202.
the plan was to first to go over the Bridge to the Old Military Fort. Which we did and had some time to take pictures and stretch our legs. It is a interesting thing to see. . As planed we then drover the Bridge and to the Pub for lunch. right on time. When we arrived the Pub was about half full so we were able to have all of us at one table. About the time we all ordered our lunch . The place was full with people standing waiting for tables. Un be-none to us PORTLAND was in the 100s and there was a mass of cars coming to the coast. Our original plan was to begin our drive back taking HWY 30 for a few miles then turning inland. Which some of us did. The traffic for us was lite but going TO the coast was 5 mph for about 15miles . But we were driving a normal speeds in the 70s. When we turned inland and went about 10 miles or so we turned one corner and it was like we were in a oven . But we were almost home. The drive was nice and cool as this cruse has been for the 5+ times I have led it. I think most all had a fun day. This is a nice drive in the summer on a week end day. Never any traffic. But on week days there are logging trucks to deal with. But 202 even in the summer , No Motor homes or
travel trailers .A Great drive in a Sports Car !
# kar
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 1:37 PM
nice post and article

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