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Our first event of the year took us to the World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville. 13 club members spent a few hours enjoying the displays that share history and stories of the racing world. We enjoyed seeing and learning about many variations of the motorsports world including exhibits related to drag racing, Nascar, hydroplanes, land speed racing, and motorcycle racing. Especially nice to see was the attention the Museum gives to local motorsports and personalities including but not limited to the Woodburn Dragstrip, PIR and Jantzen Beach along with history of local racing personalities such as Rolla Vollstedt. THe Museum also has 3 simulators where visitors can try their hand at Indy, Formula One or Nascar racing. The museum visit was very enjoyable giving us all a chance to relive some of the histry we grew up with or know of as well as talk about the many innovations in the motorsports industry. When we finished the museum tour, several of us hung out in the cafeteria area for coffee and further conversation. The world of Speed Museum hosts the weekly cars and coffee cruise in that several of our club members attend. This was a great way to have an event in the winter months and one we will certainly revisit in the future.

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