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The November 14th NWZ cruise spotlighted the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM) in Hood River. Members enjoyed viewing the large display of vintage cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles. and equipment that are maintained in working order. We planned the event so club members could take advantage of the museums Second Saturday program where the volunteers open up the doors to bring out some of the vintage cars and planes so they can be fired up to drive and fly. As guests of the museum, we were able to take a ride in a few of the truly classic cars and experience the old technology first hand. At the same time, we watched a few of the vintage airplanes take off, fly over the museum and land.

We spent time touring the hangars where the vintage craft are being rebuilt and prepared for display. Volunteers explained the extensive process that all planes and autos go through so they can be brought back to life in full working condition for display at the museum.

After the visit to the air museum, we all got together to enjoy a late lunch at the Twin Peaks Drive-in. Upon arrival, it was immediately apparent that this drive-in still possesses the style, look and charm of a classic burger joint. With a walk up order, only a few booths and personal service, it is like stepping into the past.

We all had a great day. The cruise went without a hitch and is definitely worth considering again in the future.

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